Click Control

It’s time we all admit it, the word ‘click’ is out of control. It’s a sound, an action, a way of quickly becoming friends with someone, a description for sudden enlightenment, and, if you replace the first letter with a ‘K’, it also works as a unit of measurement.┬áThat’s already a lot for a little […]

What was the First Thing you Wrote?

The earliest thing I can remember writing was for my sister.

Bad Reviews

Few things in the literary world scare writers more than bad reviews. A new writer is scared to get even one bad review, thinking it reflects directly on the work he or she has worked so hard on. Authors bleed onto the page to create their books, so when someone speaks badly, it feels personal. […]

Being a Prolific Writer

Writing 500 words a day would produce a book in about 6 months.

Resolutions are Made to be Broken, Ar...

Writing is where I’ve slacked off. Considering how important writing is to me, it sure get pushed to the side easily enough.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Lettuce...

I turned just in time to see his trademark goofy grin turn into a smile of a true happiness, and he gently dabbed a tear away from his eye. This too, was beautiful.

Looks like someone has a case of the ...

A week after finishing the second draft of Living Legend, I find myself being quite unproductive. Sure, I’ve done a little work on my website, and some bathroom renovation, but I was hoping to write some short stories before November and that just doesn’t seem to be happening. All of the above has me wondering […]

Infinite Story

Infinite Story

When the second game came out a while later, I didn’t hesitate. And when the third was released recently, I was waiting for release day.

Looking Toward NaNoWriMo!

Looking Toward NaNoWriMo!

With the second draft of Living Legend done and into the hands of my beta readers, I have a month to fill before NaNoWriMo begins. What to do… Getting this website looking presentable would be a start! Without a daily word count weighing on my mind, perhaps I’ll finally be able to get my 3 […]

Legendary Draft

It’s pretty exciting to be nearly done draft two. I have my beta readers really and salivating for the manuscript.