Artemis by Andy Weir

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  1. Great review!!! I may need a moon rock if this doesn’t motivate you to read The Marian though!! The movie was sub par compared to the book! The book has all the same humour in this one. I LOVE your choice for Jazz in an adaptation! I wish I would have read your review before reading the book becuase now I wish I had her in mind to put with the words!
    The science is made so easy with Andy “Weird”!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Awesome review! The Egg was amazing and I loved the short film adaptation. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I loved everything about the book with the exception of Jazz. i couldn’t connect with her as a character (and, despite what people said, it wasn’t because she was a girl: I didn’t find Mark Watney from “The Martian” to be anywhere near as irritating and childish as Jazz), and everything that came out of her mouth was pure cringe. I almost DNF’d the book, but I pushed through because I loved “The Martian” so much.

    I’m really beginning to wonder if I’ve got something in my past that I’m mentally blocking because I hate Jazz so much and she reminds me of that person or something. The irrational amount of hate I’ve got for this main character is astounding.

  4. I totally agree about Weir’s writing not overwhelming you with information. And I loved Jazz in this book 😀 Great review!!

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