A is for Attempting Something New

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  1. Rae Z. Ryans says:

    This is my first year attempting something new, too. Good luck!

  2. TD Harvey says:

    Nice post! I’m doing this challenge for the same reasons. I’ll keep piping back to check you’re still on track. Good luck!

  3. Lynn Mohney says:

    I’m watching for Z!!

  4. G’day and welcome to the A-Z Challenge! We did it last year and had a blast so we decided to do it all over again. Hopefully you will have fun and make it through to Z on the 30th!

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

  5. Alex Hurst says:

    I think it’s a great opportunity to get into the habit of blogging. Many people don’t post again for two months after the challenge (raises hand) but I learned a lot about networking and keeping posts to the point. With your sense of humor, I’m sure you’re going to gain a lot of new readers. Super stoked to see you here!

  6. Nike Ma says:

    The letter puns…Love it! 😀

  7. rogershipp says:

    APPLAUSE!!!! APPLAUSE!!!! APPLAUSE!!!! I have e=read yiour A-Z backwards… These are really interesting. I am going have to bookmark you to “follow” unless you have a better way. I do not tweet to facebook… I am new to social techie things. My blog is a wordpress and I don’t see a away to connect? I have enjoyed your blogs! Thanks for sharing. APPLAUSE!!!! APPLAUSE!!!! https://rogershipp.wordpress.com/

    • J.W. Martin says:

      Hey Roger! I appreciate you taking the time to read all my posts and the question about following. I’m still pretty fresh to blogging, so I don’t have all my bases covered. There is now a form in the sidebar where you can enter your email address and get my posts in your inbox. Thanks again for all the great comments, my new digital buddy. Can’t wait to check out your blog!

      • rogershipp says:

        I am new to blogging too. I have had m blog for just six months. I enjoy the writing and collecting the readers/ followers. It is exciting to have people from other countries read your stories.

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