Audiobooks: Multiple Narrators

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  1. I’ve never listened to an audiobook with multiple narrators. It would definitely help with telling one character from another! Sometimes when narrators change their voices I literally cringe!

  2. Sophie Li says:

    Great feature image! What program did you use?

    I agree with the points you mentioned. I usually don’t care for audiobooks with multiple narrators. When it is a dual POV book, it is weird when the same character has different voices depending on who is narrating, as you mentioned. There is an amazing audiobook which features a full cast (Illuminae), including 4+ characters, sound effects and even background music in some scenes. I thought that was an instance where multiple narrators work well!

    I also agree that guys doing female voices is an art haha. It can be done well, but when it is done poorly, it can ruin an entire character for me.

    Great post!!

    • J.W. Martin says:

      Thanks! The image was created in photoshop (I’m a graphic designer by day, blogger/wannabe writer by night)

      • Sophie Li says:

        It definitely shows that you are a designer! There are no wannabe writers- if we write, then we are writers 🙂

        • J.W. Martin says:

          Lol. Okay, okay. ‘Wannabe PUBLISHED writer’

          P.S. I just started reading Illuminae (like last night). The actual book, though. Not the audiobook version. Loving it so far. I would have though it would have been a tough listen. But, I guess if anything is done well enough…

          • Sophie Li says:

            LOL then I think we are in the same boat 🙂

            Glad that you are liking the book! I heard that the print edition is really amazing and I will have to check it out one day. I just finished listening to Illuminae (last night haha 🙂 )! I wasn’t used to the audio in the beginning (they read out every detail like email addresses, incept times, etc), but overall I thought the direction and narration are very good. For example narrators for Ezra and Kady actually alternate during their text message conversations, which usually isn’t done even in other books with multiple narrators. It is one of the best audiobooks I’ve listened to!

          • J.W. Martin says:

            Sounds cool. I’ll have to listen to it someday when I want to revisit the book.

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