Books by J.W. Martin

living legendRory Stewart and Harvey Chase are the first two men to go to war over the Loch Ness Monster.

Rory has lived the last 30 years along the shore of Loch Ness. He stands vigilant as the self-appointed protector of a creature he can’t even be sure he’s ever seen.

Harvey is a man of considerable wealth and resources, whose favourite hobby is hunting down creatures of legend.

Having dealt with tourists, scientists and would-be hunters for three decades, Rory will have to use every trick he’s learned to protect the legend he loves when the fame-seeking Harvey Chase turns his attention on the fabled “Nessie”. If Rory loses it could mean the capture of a monster, or worse yet, proof that she never existed at all.


secretsCoverWade Williams is a prick. He wasn’t always, but years in the soul-shattering world of retail have made him bitter and cynical. Impeded by a lack of direction and infinite levels of apathy, Wade idles through his days avoiding waves of annoying customers, his pugnacious boss, and any kind of work in general.

A management opportunity turns into an internal struggle of career wants and needs, and a training conference turns into a weekend of reckless partying. Add a gauntlet of women he doesn’t understand, a developing drinking problem, and a potential mental breakdown, and Wade is on a path that could end in the destruction of both his professional and personal life.


writers anarchy 2It’s the end of the world, and we wrote it. Fiction Writers Group is proud to present the second anthology of Writers’ Anarchy. Featuring twenty-two authors of the highest caliber, Writers’ Anarchy II: The End of the World as We Wrote It takes readers through all of society’s most horrific and imagined ends: alternate universes, androids, biowars, terrifying roaches, and even simple fountain pens. From the opening lines of V. Jáuregui’s “13 Days After the Storm”, to the final, harrowing passages of G.T. Line’s “Human Garden”, Writers’ Anarchy II questions and studies the social and psychological ramifications of our perceived Apocalypse, and why such tales continue to touch upon the deepest nerve of the human condition: It all ends.


flash it book coverFiction Writers’ Group has done it again, continuing its Writers’ Anarchy anthology collection with a fine collection of short stories of 1,000 words or less… flash fiction. Inside these pages you’ll find inspiration with quick reads that will leave you wanting more.

Read Graeme Clark’s tale of a mail delivery person’s worse nightmare, with dogs that are even worse than usual, in “The Last Post”. Then, Hayley Carter’s “Platinum Blonde” goes a bit beyond hair color, with an unexpected twist.

From Cathy Conway’s “Olive Tree Manor”, to HMC’s “Hilary’s Shadow”, Sam Manzini’s “The Little Blade”, to Ted Atoka’s crazy chicken in “Dammit”, you’ll laugh, feel your scalp tingle and discover you just cannot put this one down.

Flash It! is the name to watch for in an ongoing new story series by writers from all over the globe. Flash It! offers new writers an opportunity to strut their stuff, and new readers a chance to discover new writers who capture the imagination and increase the appetite with bite-size stories that taste like hors d’oeuvres but fill you up like a seven-course meal.

Ted Atoka, Christopher Bell, D. Jonathan Brodie, Hayley Carter, Jeanette Chaplin, Earl Chessher, Graeme Clark, Cathy Conway, Angel Cox, Fern Willows, Robert Friedrich, Patti L. Geesey, Nicci Hartland, T.D. Harvey, Wayne Hills, HMC, Bryan Holland, Anthony Hulse, Nadeem James, V. Jauregui, Leia Stone, Eddie Khaymovich, Debbie Manber Kupfer, Renee’ LaViness, Dan Lambert, Gary Lines, Sam Manzini, J.W. Martin, John McGinn, M. McGriff, Dave Morehouse, Pamela Murray, Adrian J. Novelle, Kelly O’Callan, Mackenzie Otter- son, Emmie Nicole Park, Dave Perry, Tobias Roote, Sanjaya, Krishna Sarma, Moody Val, Stuart Welch, Kat Yares.