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The Magic of Bookstores

If you’re like me, and love book stores, this post won’t say anything you don’t already know. In an age where physical bookstores are being visited less and less, it seems more and more...


Getting to know you better tag

I was tagged to do this by the awesome, prolific, three-time Intercontinental champion, and always-interesting Bionic Bookworm. You go, girl! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN BLOGGING? Official Book blogging would be May of this...


Shower Thought – A Toy Story

In the first Toy Story, if Buzz really believed he wasn’t a toy, why did he always act like one when people were around?


Book Rant Monday

What’s with the price of some eBooks?! Let me be clear, I’m not here to rant about the set price of any particular eBook. I’m looking to rant specifically about when you look at...

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Who Am I? Tag – Storeys of Stories

I was tagged by Journey into Books. It’s a great blog if you’re always looking for fun bookish posts and spoiler-free reviews to read. WHAT DOES MY NAME MEAN? JOSEPH rates as a top...


Top 5 buzzwords that make me want to read a book

This Top 5 Tuesday meme is hosted by the Bionic Bookworm. Go check out her topics for the rest of August. I’m not sure the words I picked qualify as ‘buzzwords’ but they are...


Top 5 Male Leads

This was a lot harder to narrow down to 5 than I thought it would be! Just a warning to all Potterheads: I left Harry out the running. Not because he’s not a great...

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Parental Mental Block

I just realized something tonight, and immediately reached for my computer to write this post. I have the strangest mental dad block and had to put it out there in hopes that I’m not...

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The Age for Loving Books

We hosted my son’s 9th birthday party yesterday. We had 15 nine-year-olds running around the yard spraying super soakers and hucking water balloons at each other. They had fun, and it was fun just to...