D is for Doctor Who

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  1. Many people ask me if I watch Dr Who because I”m a geek and they assume I love all things British. It’s true, I do love British TV but I cannot get engaged in any other TV series. My fear is that if I watch Doc Who I will be sucked into the TV and will never people able to think about anything else! If I do that, then when will I have time to read books?

  2. TD Harvey says:

    I grew up with Doctor Who. As a child I was gripped and terrified. As an adult I’m not keen on the new ones. If I catch an episode I’ll probably watch it, but I’ve seen only a handful since it was brought back to our screens.

    Tom Baker was my favorite Doctor. But really, I loved all the Doctors of my childhood, yo to and including Sylvester McCoy.

    Maybe u should give the newer ones a second chance…

  3. Alex Hurst says:

    I have never watched Doctor Who… I want to try… I want to start? But I have no idea where…. I fear if I try it linearly I may lose interest before I get to the “better” stuff…. Something to consider.

  4. rogershipp says:

    I, too, have been shocked the number of Dr. Who personalities that this show can produce. I do not think a show in the States could pull this off and keep an ardent following. I do like the Doctor!

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