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  1. Seriously your “fun facts” about your posts have me falling over laughing!!!!

    LOVE your answers! Ready Player One was just so unique and I almost chose that one myself. And I’m so glad to see you want to read Illuminae! So good! It took a while for me to get into it but once it got started I was obsessed. Basically all the Jay Kristoff need to be on your list!!

  2. I’ve got my own version of the Fall Book Tag queued up for Thursday’s post (I’ve got way too much stuff to put in between now and then to publish it any sooner!), and I love reading other peoples’ answers!

    I’ll totally hop on board with “Ready Player One” being super unique. I’d certainly never read anything that catered so hard to my inner video game nerd. It was amazing.

    I read Illuminae as the first book for Aetnee’s #TheReadingQuest, and I enjoyed it, but found the AI to be my favorite character. (I’m probably not supposed to root for something that’s not human/living, but who cares?)

    I keep hearing things about the Six of Crows series: it seems like people either hate it or they love it, with no in-between. I might have to give it a shot.

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