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  1. I did wonder at what the J W stands for.
    I’m not a small talk fan either. I do try but it’s exhausting! 🙃

    Oh, and thanks for the nomination! LOL.

  2. Birdie says:

    Sounds like the two of us would be sitting in a room and not talking! 😀

    I’ll try to come up with those facts about myself, which I’m terrible at. Thank you so much for the nomination!

  3. I agree! I am also terrible at talking about myself (I don’t do so well on interviews either it appears). Thank you for the nomination! Now I have to come up with interesting things to say about myself….. 😀

  4. I didn’t know you’ve been to Mardi Gras! So jealous! New Orleans is on my lifetime bucket list!!!
    For the record – I’ve never called you Joey, but always wondered why some people did. Another fun fact – your sister and I could be twins…….. your dad and my dad could be twins. The Martin genes are strong 😂

  5. I’m the EXACT SAME about small talk. If someone else small talks, I can keep it up but they have to start it or else I’ll just sit there and say nothing. My mom can small talk to anyone about anything, but unfortunately didn’t pass that along to me. Also New Orleans is one of my top travel destinations, so I’m so jealous you’ve been!!

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