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D is for Doctor Who

A little over a year ago, I knew very little about Doctor Who. I knew it was a television show, I had heard the name in pop culture references, and that there was some...


C is for Cryptozoology

Living Legend is coming out a little later this year and in the progress of writing it, I did a lot of research nto Cryptozoology. I thought it was going to a journey into strange desires and controversies....


B is for Banovsky’s Weird Cars

The best part of Weird Cars is it’s delivery. It’s much more than a dry download of information. Banovsky mixes fact and wit to deliver a read that entertains as it informs. Like having a school teacher who’s more concerned with getting laughs than following a curriculum, and no homework.


Click Control

It’s time we all admit it, the word ‘click’ is out of control. It’s a sound, an action, a way of quickly becoming friends with someone, a description for sudden enlightenment, and, if you...


Bad Reviews

Few things in the literary world scare writers more than bad reviews. A new writer is scared to get even one bad review, thinking it reflects directly on the work he or she has...