Reading in Black & White

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  1. Oh fantastic post! I never really thought about this before!

    I definitely invision things in colour. I make up elements that aren’t explained and sometimes base them off real places. Everything is bright. But part of the problem with that is I come up with pictures in my mind and when I’m told specifics (hair colour, eye colour, etc) I often disregard it because my mind has already seen it. I think Tim Burton is the director of how I see books in my mind!

    • J.W. Martin says:

      ‘Tim Burton’ and ‘Bright’ generally don’t go together. Lol.

      I’m the same way with character details. If I saw them as a blonde and the author tries to tell me they’re raven-haired, they stay blonde. That’s the main reason I generally don’t do character descriptions when I write.

  2. This is very interesting to think about! I feel like I see book scenes the way you do, as in-color movie type scenes. That kind of helps me know when a story or character is not well developed when I can’t picture it in my head.

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