The Doctors of the NuWho

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  1. Minini says:

    Nine was my first Doctor, and I still wish to this day he could’ve stayed for longer. He’s not the typical Doctor for sure, but he’s still awesome as it gets.
    Ten… yep, guilty of having him as a favorite. I loved the “Welllll…”, I loved the expressive eyebrows, I loved the quirkiness of the character (then again, what Doctor is not quirky?). I was both sad and happy to watch him go. I always wantmy favorite characters to suffer and possibly die, so watching him go was something I was waiting for, and was both happy and sad about.
    I loved Eleven at first, I really did, but the last season ruined it completely. The character became boring and sort of fake, which shouldn’t have, in my humble opinion, happened to such a great Doctor. Still love him.
    As for Twelve, I don’t hate him, he’s growing on me slowly, but I won’t be sad when he goes away. Just saying. I really, REALLY disapprove of the glasses, and I hope they break and he’s forced to create a new screwdriver. Just saying, yanno.

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