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  1. I see that I should probably read Ready Player One based on your answers haha. I can happily say I’ve read Pierce Brown’s books and the Illuminae series (well, what is out so far.)

  2. allymemes says:

    omg the character death in Morning Star was SO GOOD but SO SAD. On the one hand, it was a great plot point and Pierce Brown is awesome for going there but also NOT HIM.
    Ready Player One is on my priority TBR and I’m super excited to read it!
    I think the reveal in the Fight Club movie is more intense than the book, so I think that’s a fair book to watch the movie first then read the book.

    • J.W. Martin says:

      I’d been watching the movie for something like 10 years before I ever picked up the book. And because of that, this is one of the few examples where I personally prefer the movie over the book.

  3. Sophie Li says:

    Hello JW!
    Thank you so much for tagging me! I am actually terrible at tags but I do hope to get around to doing this one.
    Love your answers here! 1984 is definitely one of the most disturbing novels that I’ve read, although it’s been so long that I don’t remember much about it! It will have to go onto my TBRR haha 😛
    My fiancé loved Ready Player One. Hoping to read it soon 🙂

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I had no idea Ready Player One was a book until last week! I saw the preview for the movie and then happened to be searching through my library’s ebooks and saw it there. Definitely on my TBR list. 🙂

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