The Impossible Girl

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  1. @IsaLeeWolf says:

    I have to admit, I am not a big fan of Clara. She got better toward the end, but after Amy and Rory, the chemistry just wasn’t there with 11 and with 12, you could see Capaldi holding himself back, which he didn’t have to do with Alex Kingston, and thus the Christmas special was amazing.

    I did like her arc this season, but as far companions go, she is not top of my list. I even preferred Danny Pink!

  2. Natalie says:

    I never really warmed to Clara as much as the other companions but I did enjoy the Name of the Doctor, Capaldi is a fantastic doctor but he needs a more suitable companion I think.

    • J.W. Martin says:

      Capaldi has grown on me, but I’m still not a big fan. But you may be onto something with the suitable companion. The past Doctors only seem as good as their companions. 10 & Rose, incredible. 11, Amy & Rory, unbeatable. 12 & Clara…they just don’t seem to care about each other. They say they do, but there’s no heart in it. They’re so independent of each other.

      However, I do think that they missed an opportunity with Jenna Coleman. She could have been the first female Doctor. Not for one episode, the Doctor proper. I think she would have been great.

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