Top 4 Bad Endings (or endings that should have been re-written)

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  1. Dreamy Reads says:

    I agree with the hunger games – Mockingjay. To me the ending was unclear. I felt like she did not answer all of my questions. Great list!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I agree with you on Mockingjay. I didn’t feel like it was a bad ending necessarily, I just felt that it was…depressing. She definitely went with the realistic ending over a happily ever after. But after becoming so invested in the characters, I wanted some happiness!

    • J.W. Martin says:

      Agreed. I know some people think happy endings are ‘cliche’, but I LOVE a happy ending. Everything wrapped up with a neat little bow. It can be unrealistic sometimes, but now if it’s done the right way.

  3. Omg Mockingjay! Yes I totally agree! Mom read First Phone Calls From Heaven and she basically vented to me the whole time she read it!!

    • J.W. Martin says:

      It was a frustrating book. The whole time you’re reading, you’re like, “I know exactly what’s going to happen.” but you keep going because you need to know if you’re right. ARGH!

  4. Vanessa says:

    I see you’ve read Saramago… I haven’t read Blindness, but we’re required to read another book called “Memorial do Convento” in senior year, and it’s SO hard to read it. The story is not bad or anything, but he literally writes page-long sentences. They NEVER END. It’s horrible. I hope it’s not as bad in translation!

  5. I still haven’t finished 1984, even though I started it like 6 years ago. Someday I’ll get to it

  6. Beware Of The Reader says:

    I was kind of satisfied with The Hunger games but three books that left me raging were: the latest in Divergent, the latest in The 5th Wave and the latest in the Tearling trilogy!

    • J.W. Martin says:

      Haven’t read any of them, though I had planned to eventually get into the Divergent and 5th Wave series. Are they still worth getting into? Despite your feelings on the most recent books?

      • Beware Of The Reader says:

        Yes I loved them. Not the same level as The Hunger Games but I still loved them. Just not the ending LOL

  7. hehe I totally get what you mean about Hunger Games and 1984- I mean, I think the endings are great to be honest, but a happy ending would have been nice 😉

  8. Steph says:

    I laughed at what you said about The Hunger Games- very true, and I very much agree!! I understand her angle, but….that was freaking depressing.

  9. Rebecca says:

    Oh, Mockingjay. That was a painful finale. I’d rather forget that book exists. 1984 – yes, I could see a good HULK SMASH at the end of that book, and on the reader side. Great post!

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