Top 5 books that have been on my TBR the longest

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  1. Great list! I know we’ve had the Brandon Sanderson conversation before – he also managed to make it on my list as well. I’m planning on reading something by him in January so he won’t be on this list for too much longer. The Princess Bride is almost exactly like the movie which was amazing. I heard all the characters voices in my head while I was reading and smiled and said the lines along with them. Inconceivable!
    Thanks again for participating! 🙂

  2. I own a physical copy of The Princess Bride, and I read it on Kindle a few years ago when it was on a super sale, but I just couldn’t get into the book like I could the movie. It’s so boring and dry…

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hello Joe. I’m also a TBR addict. I recently weeded through my GR TBR list and cut out hundreds, and cried while doing so. But it had to be done.

  4. White Walls sounds amazing!! I’ve added it to my ever growing TBR list.
    American Psycho has been on my list for what feels like ages! It’s one of those books I always promise I’ll read next.. but then never do. Hopefully I’ll get around to it one day 😀

  5. allymemes says:

    American Psycho has been on my list for ages too

    • J.W. Martin says:

      I’m going to try to POPSUGAR 2018 reading challenge, and one of the prompts would take American Psycho off my TBR.

      It’s weird. I wasn’t planning on choosing that book to read anytime soon, but now that I’ve decided to include it as part of this challenge, I’m really looking forward to it.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I think I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t seen A Princess Bride. Maybe I’ll read the book someday instead. Also, I looked up Sand and it sounded really good, which then made me look up Wool Omnibus by the same author..and now that’s on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing (and adding books to my ever-growing TBR)! 🙂

  7. Oh gosh American Psycho and Princess Bride have been on my tbr for ages! And basically everything by Sanderson is on my tbr 😉

  8. Dreamy Reads says:

    Omg!! Literally each book on this list is on my TBR. I just can’t find time for them.

    • J.W. Martin says:

      I started planning for the 2018 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. It gives prompts to find books like “A book set in the decade you were born.” So it really leaves you looking at a lot of different books that you normally wouldn’t have been looking at for your ‘next read.’ Ones like American Psycho and White Walls (which I was doubting I’d get to in 2018) are already on the list. I think they challenge will definitely help me cross some books off the list, as well as introduce me to some new ones.

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