Buying books on the cover alone? Guilty… Top 5 Cover Buys

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  1. Tammy says:

    Sea of Rust is a fantastic cover! I will probably buy that at some point because of the cover, although I hear the story is pretty good too😊

  2. She’s like a drug dealer… but with books……. HAHAHAHA But oh so true!!!! She is terrible for this reading addiction!

    Sea of Rust has a gorgeous cover and I completely get the draw to Lock In as well.

  3. Great google moodily…… I swear I almost spit out coffee laughing! But yes I totally agree! I love the font and the geometric design. It’s a really simple cover but once it’s taken in as a whole with the font, pattern, and colours, it’s a real eye catcher!! Agreed with Sea of Rust – I was originally interested in it because of the cover!!
    Thanks so much for participating – added you to the list 🙂

  4. Aakankshya says:

    I totally got Batman: Nightwalker because it was BATMAN! also, totally agree with Bionic Bookworm being like a book dealer for me too! Lol 😆

  5. Chizurue says:

    The book covers of DC Icons made we want to buy them all in hardcover. They all look so good!

  6. Birdie says:

    I love that Batman cover too! Everyone talks about the Wonder Woman and the Catwoman covers, but Batman is my favorite.
    I love the Hell Divers cover too. There’s a huge part of me that wants to read it. It’s been getting such rave reviews. For some reason, though they’re nothing alike, I can’t hear Hell Diver without thinking of Red Rising.

  7. I love the Batman cover and all the others in the series. I find them spectacular

  8. Beware Of The Reader says:

    See of Rust really reminds me of an acrylic or oil painting Joe! And this week I didn’t cheat on you LOL Happy Tuesday!

  9. Sea of Rust is gorgeous!

  10. leetharose says:

    These covers are great!!!

  11. I love all the covers for the DC Icons series. They look so awesome together on bookshelves, too. 🙂

  12. Sophie Li says:

    Love this list! Marie Lu’s Batman novel attracted my attention as well. Have you read this one yet!?

  13. I love the Hell Diver covers! They’re all so intense. And you’re right, the rust and metal of the first one makes it really stand out. And the Batman cover is gorgeous! (So is the guy on the cover, if I’m being honest lol.)

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