Top Ten Tuesday

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  1. Wow this is an amazing list!! Illuminae, Nevernight, The Book Thief, and Invictus are all on my favourites list! I’m also sure that you’ll enjoy Armada – you’ll get the small things that went right over my head.
    All rights reserved is one that I just heard about this week and it sounds crazy!!!

  2. I’m so happy that you’re finally getting around to reading The Book Thief!!! It’s the top of the top (of my non-series books, of course) for YA literature.

    As for Armada… It’s not QUITE as great as RPO, but it’s pretty good in its own aspect. The 80s references are still way over-the-top, and the storyline is pretty great.

    • J.W. Martin says:

      I’m looking forward to it. Lists like these make me wish my reading speed was WAY faster. But between the full-time job, raising a couple kids, and making time for my own writing, I’m not sure how much more time I could find!

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