Who doesn’t love a good bookmark?

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8 Responses

  1. I think that H or Q might be onto something there. Using Kleenex as a bookmark would come in handy! I totally agree – most bookmarks are SO overpriced!

  2. Rogr Shipp says:

    I have a set of bookmarks that I use. Printed them off the computer. They are little “monster” bookmarks. I do hate when I lose them. They are like the odd sock.???

  3. Terrant says:

    I mostly use what is convenient at the time which is usually a receipt. I have made bookmarks using duct tape. Although I only used the gray kind, there is numerous patterns from which you can choose.

  4. Zuky Edgar says:

    I never ever use bookmarks… they bother me lol

  5. Sophie says:

    So true. I never bought a bookmark in my life, no matter how pretty. I have tons of them lying around that came free with the books I purchased, so why spend the money? It’s not like a receipt won’t do XD

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